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Look to the left column for a Case Study Tutorial and other helpful resources. To PREVIEW your case you will need to SAVE first.

Suggestion: Use this template to jot down ideas and begin to formulate your case. See the case sample and tutorial for full instruction, as well as the judging criteria to see how cases will be evaluated. REMEMBER TO DELETE THE NOTES AS YOU WRITE YOUR CASE. You can choose whether to keep the headings (factors influencing this decision include word count – 500-1500 – and personal style).
Introduce the protagonist, as well as the main personal/professional challenges set forth in the case.
Overview of protagonist’s background with a focus on the “aha” leadership moment or a notable moment of confidence.
Bring the reader to the “current” time of the case (the case could center around circumstances in the past, because those are the best lessons). Outline the circumstances of the major professional challenge in the case.
Transition the reader over to the protagonist’s personal realm. What is the challenge there?
Transition out of the case with a wrap up which makes the reader think, right along with the case protagonist.
1. Teach the reader something (what HAS worked, what HAS been successful?)
2. But also hold something back (this approach had worked in the past, but, now it was time for a new approach) so the reader can use their brain. The discussion questions focus on these points.
3. Add your own special touch. Let the reader get to know you.